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    Hallo zusammen,
    wie kann ich in meinen .NET Shop den Facebook Code für die Like Box einbauen? Ich habe den generierten Code in ein HTML Widget kopiert, trotzdem wird die Box nicht angezeigt.

  2. MediArt liked a post in a topic by Pavlos Tsulfaidis in Official statement of SmartStore AG in the case of GPL to the lawsuit with nopCommerce   
    Update on 12.08.2014 On Tuesday 12.08.2014 about 22:00 o'clock has the responsible department of Microsoft (DMCA) SmartStore.NET from the Web Application Gallery temporarily deactivates until the state of affairs is as a whole cleared. At this point it must be mentioned once again that the part judgment does not cover such a step from the 17.07.2014. The judgment is not legal now, against it was inserted already the contradiction on the 07.08.2014 to Cologne OLG. DMCA Notice for Web Application GalleryHi there,We regret to inform you that we have removed the material at in response to the attached notice of copyright infringement from Nop Solutions Ltd regarding material uploaded by you and hosted http://windowsdevelo...rt-GPLv3-167900 We will change to GPLv3 very soon. For SmartStore.NET user doesn`t change anything with the judgment. For the rest has the court decided that the use of the logo "powered by nopCommerce" is "Unimportant" – so this is not relevant. Juridically is it not possible to forbid the distribution of SmartStore.NET. So goes the case to the next instance.